When should I ask for a Lawyer?

When should I ask for a lawyer? Should I ask for a lawyer right away? Yes –at the stop, at the roadside, when asked to provide a breath test when asked anything. This includes the DUI Interview with dozens of questions designed to get you to make incriminating admissions to give the prosecutor a slam … Read more

What to do when you get a DUI

What To Do Following A DUI Arrest. First and foremost – Hire an experienced DUI defense attorney ASAP. I was just arrested for DUI. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? The first day or two after a DUI arrest is a critical time for your eventual Washington State DUI defense. You should not fail to preserve and act … Read more

What is the DOL Hearing?

I got a DOL Driver’s Hearing Request from the Arresting Officer – Should I apply for One? Yes, even though they are tough to win, and you must do that within 20 days from your date of arrest or “DUI stop.” The DOL must then set your DOL SUI suspension hearing within 60 days of … Read more

What is a deferred prosecution of a DUI? Should I consider “going deferred”?

Governed by RCW 10.05 (see: http://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=10.05), a deferred prosecution is a once-per-lifetime opportunity to make a burdensome deal with a court to do 2 years of intensive outpatient treatment for alcohol, drugs mental health or some combination of those issues and behave yourself, having the DUI (or other non-felony) criminal charge dismissed at the end … Read more

What does SR-22 mean? What is an SR-22?

SR-22 or an SR-22 is a “high risk” insurance certificate required in most states, including Washington, after a DUI, but sometimes also to reinstate your driver’s license. The Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL) has a wealth of information about SR-22 insurance on its website. At: http://www.dol.wa.gov/driverslicense/sr22.html, it says: Financial responsibility (SR-22) What is financial … Read more

What does it take to become an HTO (Habitual Traffic Offender)?

The best way to understand this terrible consequence and legal dilemma is to See this statute: RCW 46.65.020 Habitual offender defined. As used in this chapter, unless a different meaning is plainly required by the context, an habitual offender means any person, resident or nonresident, who has accumulated convictions or findings that the person committed … Read more

What do the police record?

What might the police have recorded or filmed on video & can we get it? We often used to get video from the station of the suspect being administered the breath tests in the breath testing room at the police station. Those videos often showed that there was defective or inadequate police booking and processing … Read more

Should I talk to the Police when arrested for DUI?

NO!!! Speak to your attorney first! Do not make statements to the police (these are often ill-advised admissions they are trained to elicit). If you are stopped, identify yourself but everything else you tell the police will be used against you. You have a Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. So, … Read more