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Overview – Assault in King County and Washington State
Washington State assault law provides a simple assault (Assault in the Fourth Degree), is accomplished by any striking or hitting – in short, any  unwanted or offensive touching, It also is committed if you place another person in reasonable fear of being assaulted in any such manner. Both DV and non-DV 4th Degree Assaults are gross misdemeanors, but the DV ones are more serious and have worse impact upon the client’s reputation, criminal background checks whether for employment application or retention, school, immigration status, travel to Canada and other countries, housing and student loan applications, etc. Assault in the 4th Degree carries a maximum punishment of 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. There are many defense approaches to these complicated scenarios and severely sanctioned crimes of assault; especially those that are also DV assaults. Washington assaults become DV (Domestic Violence) assaults if the alleged victim is a family member or household member, which includes spouses, former spouses, people who have children together, people related by blood or marriage, adults who live together or have lived together, and people who are or have been in a dating relationship. RCW 10.99.020. If the assault results in serious (“grievous”) bodily harm to the victim, is committed against court staff, attorneys practicing law, prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers or certain statutorily specified other government employees, etc. who have special enhanced statutory protection under the RCW’s, or if the assault is committed on a child victim under 13 years of age, such assaults, DV or non-DV, are FELONIES.

I have gotten hundreds if not thousands of these cases dismissed or reduced over the years. My job is to advise and protect you. Assault charges are often brought together with other criminal accusations such as Harassment or Malicious Mischief. In some cases, they can also be designated Domestic Violence (DV). If your assault charge has been labeled DV, call me now. Don’t delay!  You might want an SOC or a deferred sentence. Those are treatment-based resolutions to avoid conviction, jail or lasting criminal conviction history. Call me to go over your unique case. I will do all I can do to help and will formulate a strong and effective defense strategy and a set of intelligent options for your consideration.

Washington DUI Defense Attorney

My creative, holistic approach to Washington Criminal/DUI Defense: An “aggressive” lawyer is sometimes, but not always (or even usually), the best lawyer for your case. A truly different approach.  My job is to protect you from the police and the prosecution, not to take every opportunity I can to act aggressively in every case.  There are thousands of lawyers who promise to be “aggressive,” but that is only the best approach to some, not all, criminal defense cases.  I will fight for you to the bitter end, including the ‘war’ of trial — but not if I know from the facts of your case and history, and based upon my 28 years of experience, that an aggressive stance is not in your best interests.  In law school, lawyers are supposed to learn to become ‘problem solvers’.  I always have as my first, ultimate goal the dismissal of the charges against you.  But that’s just not possible in every case.  I could get a lot more calls and clicks online by promising you otherwise, but I value honesty with my clients above all else.  Hiring an overly, consistently “aggressive” attorney can be the worst thing for you, so please find an attorney who puts helping you first, even ahead of fighting for you.  So, although in some cases an all-out legal battle in court is the only way to protect your rights and accomplish justice, in others putting you first may mean avoiding a fight (and thereby reducing your legal fees, too). If you are being treated unjustly, then I am not afraid to battle.  I can be frighteningly aggressive when it is needed.  But when negotiating a fair plea bargain and reduction of the charge(s) or some sort of disposition like a deferred prosecution or deferred sentence is better for you, I am a skilled, experienced negotiator, too.  I have helped hundreds of people avoid substantial jail time.

Washington Defense Attorney

I have over 25 years of experience representing people facing criminal charges in King and Snohomish counties and all around our state.  I have represented, with creative and clever criminal defense approaches, people charged with drunk driving (DUI / DWI), DV (Domestic Violence), Assault, Theft, Driving Suspended, Drug Charges (VUCSA), Eluding, Resisting Arrest, Robbery, Arson, Rape, and other misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses throughout Washington State, including the cities of Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bothell, Lynnwood, Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Woodinville, Duvall, Edmonds, Mukilteo, Mill Creek, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Tacoma, Marysville, Snohomish, Monroe, Arlington, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Port Orchard, Bremerton and all around the State.  I have many satisfied former clients and thus get a lot of my new clientele by word-of-mouth referrals from people who tell their friends what I accomplished for them.  I work my cases very, very hard.  That’s why my client files are thicker than most of my colleagues’ files.  I give your case everything I have to get you the best result I can get.  In a court room, when you are charged with a crime, your lawyer is the only one there looking out for your rights and taking on the huge power of the government and its prosecution team.  That opposition is overwhelming to many attorneys, but not to me!  My clients definitely seem to wind up going to jail much less than other people charged with the same crimes, whether represented by other private counsel or public defenders.  That is because, over the years, I have developed several highly creative and different approaches, some of which other lawyers do not know of or often utilize for their clients.

Call Attorney Phil Weinberg at (425) 455-4784 for a free consultation.

Virginia Johnson
Phil is a terrific attorney, and I couldn’t have asked for any better!!

I Couldn’t Be Any Happier!! Phil is a terrific attorney, and I couldn’t have asked for any better!!…

– Virginia Johnson

(originally posted on Google)

Ivy Martino
He has been great, and helped me successfully get through my case.

I had a different lawyer before Phil, and I think my case would have been handled better if I had found Phil first. He has been great, and helped me successfully get through my case. His rates are very reasonable too.

– Ivy Martino

(originally posted on Google)

Phil managed to actually pull off a MIRACLE. Thank you Phil!

Phil SAVED MY LIFE. When I called Phil, I thought I was going to jail. It would have destroyed my family, kids, and career. He looked me in the eye and told me “you are not going to jail and you are not getting convicted.” I didn’t really believe him to be honest, but I’m here to tell you he KEPT HIS WORD. Thank you Phil!

– A.B.

(originally posted on Google)

Nick Martin
I would recommend Phil as lawyer to anyone!

I had a Domestic violence case that Phil was able to get dropped completely. He is an amazing lawyer and not only helped me with my legal case but was able to point me in the right direction and help me get the help that I needed to get my life together and on the right path. 5/5 and would recommend Phil as lawyer to anyone!

– Nick Martin

(originally posted on Google)

Alyson P.
Phil was very helpful during a time of Need in my life!

Phil was very helpful during a time of Need in my life! I would recommend him to anyone. Very responsive and good to work with! He gets the job done!

– Alyson P.

(originally posted on Google)

Todd Gamble
I am grateful for having Phil Weinberg as our attorney, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

We were in a tough spot and Phil saw us through, all the way to success. I am grateful for having Phil Weinberg as our attorney, and I recommend him wholeheartedly.

– Todd Gamble

(originally posted on Google)

J. Su
Phil Weinberg is a street smart advocate who can make things happen.

Phil Weinberg is a street smart advocate who can make things happen. His advice, counsel, and effort quickly resolved my legal issue to my complete satisfaction. Thank you Phil!

– J. Su

(originally posted on Google)

Mera Johnson
He knows the system and key players.

Phil was very responsive when I contacted him from out of town to help with a family emergency! He communicated all the steps and guided me through the process. He knows the system and key players and has a lot of experience in resolving issues! A pleasure to work with from long distance.

– Mera Johnson

(originally posted on Google)

– Aldo Mervins-Williams
I would definitely recommend Phil for anyone.

Phil was very helpful in guiding me through my case. Patient and understanding when listening to my concerns. Also very assuring of what was happening during the process. He was a professional inside and outside of the court. I would definitely recommend him for anyone dealing with legal troubles.

– Aldo Mervins-Williams

(originally posted on Google)

Daniel Moore
Phillip was wonderful and extremely professional with the handling of my case.

Phillip was wonderful and extremely professional with the handling of my case. While whatever the reason for legal trouble, Phillip helps streamline the process for the best outcome and shows light at the end of the tunnel during extremely stressful times.

– Daniel Moore

(originally posted on Google)

Joy Shumaker
Phil saved me twice. 2 dismissals against all odds.

Phil saved me twice. 2 dismissals against all odds. He’s peculiar, unconventional and totally brilliant!!! My career and my life would be in total jeopardy without Phil. I trust him and recommend him highly.

– Joy Shumaker

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Since 1986 I have represented thousands of criminal defense cases in Washington State with consistently excellent results. Your criminal defense attorney will be your best and perhaps the only friend in the courtroom. Start working with me ASAP on building your strongest defense strategies.

I aggressively challenge the prosecution’s evidence to seek the best possible outcome for my clients. Dismissal is always my main objective, but if that is not possible, I am a tough, relentless negotiator for a fair, discreet and dignified plea deal.

Experienced, skilled and effective in helping clients through difficult times. Need real and effective help with your DUI or other Criminal Charge? I am ready to take immediate action on your behalf.

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Domestic Violence (DV) Assault Attorney

If you have been charged with a domestic violence (DV) assault or any other DV crime it is important to retain an experienced DV criminal defense attorney right away. Your freedom, avoiding no-contact orders, and job, child visitation, reputation and possible immigration consequences can be serious. I am here to help. I know how.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Any person facing a criminal charge must take immediate action and contact an experienced defense attorney. Don’t delay. I will answer your questions and discuss your concerns with you during this stressful, uncertain time.

DUI Defense

My job is to fight for you and your rights and to prevent these things from happening to you to the best of my ability. I am a skilled, effective and experienced DUI and criminal defense attorney serving clients in King County and Snohomish County Washington.