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Reckless Driving Defense

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Here in Washington State, reckless driving charges come with serious consequences. Penalties vary depending on your criminal history, but those convicted could face thousands of dollars in fines and even possible jail time. A reckless driving conviction also comes with a mandatory 30-day license suspension. This license suspension can cause a number of difficulties, especially for people who have a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Commercial drivers who are convicted of reckless driving will not be able to work during their 30-day license suspension, a problem that can disrupt a driver’s career and strain his or her finances.

At a time like this, an experienced defense attorney will be an invaluable ally. My name is Phillip L. Weinberg. While based in Bellevue, I serve people facing reckless or negligent driving charges throughout the region.

Get Experienced Representation In Your Reckless Or Negligent Driving Case

Reckless driving and negligent driving are similar charges, but the penalties for negligent driving are much lighter. If it is not alcohol or drug-related, negligent driving is a mere traffic infraction (negligent driving in the second degree, or Neg. 2), but a somewhat serious one. If it is alcohol or drug-related, negligent driving in the first degree, or Neg. 1, is a simple misdemeanor. Perhaps most importantly, a conviction of negligent driving in the first degree carries no license suspension, and usually no jail time, either.

It is common, therefore, for criminal defense lawyers to try to reduce their clients’ charges from reckless driving or DUI to negligent driving. This type of plea bargain can help drivers avoid a license suspension and other serious consequences.

Working To Reduce Or Eliminate The Charges You Face

As a skilled and experienced negotiator, I have helped many drivers deal with serious traffic violations throughout my career. There is no substitute for an experienced defense lawyer who can present a compelling case in the courtroom. If you have received a reckless driving criminal citation or have received one in the mail, or you are facing a negligent driving in the first-degree charge, or a negligent driving second-degree traffic infraction, I will work carefully and tactfully to try to persuade the prosecution to give you a deal. Whether through discreet plea negotiations or fighting your case at trial if you wish, I will work hard to protect your rights. My goal in every case is to achieve for you an optimal disposition that will be the most favorable outcome under the circumstances, and one you can live with and are hopefully happy with, too.

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