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King County Attorney Phillip L. Weinberg brings his more than 29 years of experience in our local courts to your defense.  For a successful impressive outcome on your case, your most important call is to an experienced private defense attorney.  I am available now, 24/7, to help you.  Call me today at (425) 455-4784 or on my Cell Phone at (425) 367-1122.

When you are stopped, arrested or charged in King County for a criminal charge, be it Assault, Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving / DUI, Violation of a No-Contact Order, Criminal Trespass, Theft, Driving While License Suspended or any other crime, whether misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor or felony in seriousness level, you are scared, confused and worried.  Each county and each court has slightly different procedures, rules and consequences, but I am familiar with all of them as well as all of the legal and procedural issues in your case.  There are several courts in King County, including several King County District Court Divisions, Seattle Municipal Court, and King County Superior Court, located both in downtown Seattle, WA and at the Kent, WA Maleng Regional Justice Center (“RJC”), which are the venues for felony charges in King County.  The quicker you get a private attorney on your side and the sooner I obtain the police report and all other evidence, the better we can plan a strategic defense approach for you for successful disposition of the charge(s) you are facing.  Potentially devastating consequences and jail time often are avoided.

Don’t delay!  Your King County DUI or other criminal case may get harder to defend if time is wasted while evidence disappears, various deadlines are not met, etc.  Call now: (425) 455-4784 or on my Cell Phone at (425) 367-1122.  I look forward to meeting with you to go over your unique case and options.  I AM WAITING TO ASSIST YOU.  PUT MY EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOUR KING COUNTY CRIMINAL DEFENSE.  PLEASE CALL ME NOW.

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