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Violation of a No-Contact Order (NCO) or Violation of a DV Protection Order (DVPO) in King County and Snohomish County

WHEN YOU NEED HELP… I am experienced and well-known in both criminal and family law in all of King County and Snohomish County courts, including Municipal, District and Superior courts, as well as all state courts in the surrounding areas.  This gives me extra insight into how these cases arise and should be handled to really help my clients.

What is a No-Contact Order (or DVPO) Violation?

No-Contact orders are almost always entered at arraignment in any DV criminal case.  The wishes of the alleged victim are basically irrelevant, too – the court enters one anyway. Likewise, later if the victim allows, encourages or invites contact that is NOT a defense.

The prosecution must prove that there was a valid order entered and effective at the time of the alleged violation, that you were given valid notice of served with) the order, and that the prohibited contact occurred.  Direct and indirect contact with the alleged victim (the “AV”) = the protected party, contact through a third person, or being within a prohibited distance for any reason of/from the protected party.  Contact means in-person contact, phone calls, emails, text messages, notes left at her door etc., sending flowers, etc.  Indirect contact simply means someone has contact with the protected party on your behalf at your request.

The tragic incident:
Tensions can rise in people’s relationships, leading to an unfortunate incident, often an argument involving alcohol or other substances. Things escalate. 911 is called and one half of the relationship is arrested, jailed without bail and charged with Domestic Violence Assault, and/or other DV crimes.  A No-Contact Order (NCO) is entered.

The government is now really controlling your life and you feel that intrusion every day – you can’t go home, can’t see your kids, are ‘crashing’ at Motel 6 or with friends, parents or a sibling.  You may even lose your family, your job, etc.  it is a truly horrific life and legal dilemma and I understand that.  You may also soon be served, sometimes even while incarcerated, with a civil Temporary DVPO (Domestic Violence Protection Order), be vacated (removed) from their home when the police serve these orders, and need appear at a return hearing in 14 days.  A divorce or paternity/child custody proceeding can follow in family court, too. (I still handle select family law cases for my criminal defense clients only.) These are tough cases and most clients feel completely overwhelmed in this situation.  I know.

Why choose me as your lawyer?  I can help.  I have extensive and unique experience handling all components of these cases with a combined strategy and consistently get impressive results in both criminal and family law areas.  These are complex, difficult situations and clients and their families always feel overwhelmed.  I analyze every unique client’s legal and personal situation and come up with your optimal defense within your budget and an effective strategy/approach to accomplishing your goals in avoiding jail time, loss of employment/school and being back with your family, if that is your desire.

Put my compassion, effectiveness and my three decades of experience on your side.  I’ve resolved hundreds of these cases over the past 29 years with consistently satisfied clients.  I analyze every client’s unique legal and personal situations and come up with an optimal defense approach to accomplish your goals of avoiding jail time, loss of employment and being reunited with your family when that is your desire. Don’t delay or worry.  Get Help now.  Get the best legal representation. Reasonable fees.  Credit cards accepted.  Contact me now.  Let’s get started right away to protect your rights and unravel this mess in your favor.

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