How long will a DUI conviction be on my record?

Well, in Washington State, a DUI conviction stays on your record forever, but is most dangerous to you for 7 years – for purposes of any repeat DUI charge(s) from the date of arrest, triggering mandatory substantially enhanced jail time, fines and driver’s license suspensions. However, DUI convictions, deferred prosecutions, and any conviction of a … Read more


— Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana (THC) – What should I know about this? Is it different for Adults and Minors? It certainly is. Here are the basics: The police could (after laws that went into effect on 12/06/2012) obtain blood samples from you without a warrant! Unbelievable! But warrants are now required for … Read more

Do the cops really lie a lot on the police reports?

Yes; it’s astounding. Most people lie on occasion, but they seem to have the market cornered. I view myself as a sort of ‘quality control’ device when I cross-examine them, but I don’t enjoy it that much. Some cops are totally honest, too, and would rather see you walk even if you’re guilty than lie … Read more

Do I need an attorney for a DUI Review Hearing?

The court is having that hearing to decide whether to revoke some suspended or (rarely) deferred jail time and fines due to some alleged failure to comply with treatment, conditions of release imposed by the court or probation, including for getting a new charge while your case with the review hearing is still on probation … Read more

Can I get my DUI charge reduced?

Can YOU? Probably not if you represent yourself, but with the help of an experienced private DUI defense lawyer, maybe. Obviously, this will turn heavily on the facts of your specific case. If you had a ‘low’ blow, for a first DUI, and didn’t cause any property damage or personal injury, you have a reasonable chance … Read more

Am I OK just going with the public defender?

Usually – NO, you are not. Some may be, and some are, good lawyers – but the simple truth is that they’re forced to be minimalists in defending their zillions of clients due to low budget and, mostly, their huge caseloads, except perhaps in some homicide cases. They are therefore not always thorough, cannot fight … Read more