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If you have been arrested or cited for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and/or drugs, you’ve come to the right DUI defense attorney. You are facing some major consequences and stress that I can and will help you avoid or greatly minimize. The consequences of a DUI conviction can be extreme, with 2 proceedings if your breath/blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was 0.08 or higher. In addition, to the criminal charges, The Department of Licensing (DOL) will seek to suspend/revoke your driver’s license before trial in a separate proceeding. Choosing me as your DUI defense attorney is the right decision.

Convicted of DUI in Bellevue

If convicted of DUI in Bellevue Municipal Court or Bellevue District Court, where I have extensive experience with hundreds of DUI cases, you’ll face losing your driver’s license, and you may go to jail. Most DUIs are Gross Misdemeanors, with a (rare) maximum 364 days for a first offense, usually only a few days is typical for a first offense, however, repeat offenses will have significantly larger penalties based on a complex formula. I can tell you the details of what you may be facing in a free initial case evaluation and consultation Fines up to $5,000, 5 years’ probation, ignition interlock device, potential loss or denial of employment, denial of student loans or school attendance, and perhaps noncitizen deportation and being unable to visit some countries outside the US (such as Canada) My clients say they felt better after their free initial case evaluation and consultation. Learn all of your defense options and see how I can help.

Why Hire Me? The Benefits of Putting Your Case in my Hands

I use the most effective, advanced and proven DUI defenses, and effective ones other lawyers are not experienced with. After all, I’m dedicated to getting you the best possible result. In fact, my track record shows that my clients go to jail much less often. My key strength is down to me not being afraid to do everything legitimately possible to defend you and preserve your freedom. I am effective, but tactful, in court and have an excellent reduced charge/dismissal rate. Without a doubt, I effectively stand up to the prosecutors and the police to fight for a good outcome. After all, I have successfully handled over 1500 DUI’s as a defense attorney with 3 decades of experience. Also, I look at far more than just the number of the BAC, including the real reason for the stop. For example, inconsistencies in the police reports, whether there were maintenance issues, false positives and other flaws with the specific test BAC equipment used to measure your alcohol level. More importantly, I make numerous challenges to DUI blood draws, questionable police procedures, your driving history, and scrutinize all witnesses, statements, and video obtainable
from the prosecutor and other sources.

Bellevue DUI -> 24/7

I am accessible 24/7 and empathetic to your DUI legal ordeal. My practice stays fairly small so I have time for each client. In the courtroom, your attorney is probably your only friend. I want to keep your record clean and keep you out of jail. Do not settle for an inexperienced or timid attorney. Get results! Get the best!

Let’s get to work right away to minimize or avoid the potentially huge damage you and you and your family face from your DUI charge.  Reasonable fees.  Credit cards accepted. Don’t delay.  Get help.  Contact me now.

Effective DUI Lawyer Serving the Seattle & Bellevue Washington Areas

In the event, your charged with DUI? Or charged with a crime in Seattle can be a scary experience that could result in serious consequences that negatively impact you both personally and professionally. Bellevue DUI Attorney with over 25 years’ experience, Attorney Phil Weinberg consistently obtains excellent results for his clients in and around Bellevue, Washington. If you need effective legal representation for your DUI, call Phil at (425) 455-4784.

Experienced Bellevue Criminal Defense Lawyer

Besides DUI Bellevue Lawyer Phil also specializes in a range of criminal defense areas. Hiring an accomplished lawyer to represent you is the first and most important step you must take if you’ve been charged with a crime in Bellevue. Attorney Phil Weinberg will provide you with the personalized service and experienced legal representation you deserve. In fact, for over 25 years, Phil an experienced Seattle DUI Lawyer has been defending those accused of Drunk Driving / DUI, Assault, Domestic Violence / DV and Drug- and Theft-Related Crimes in and around the Seattle area. Don’t wait, don’t delay – call (425) 455-4784 today. Having an experienced, tactful but relentless defense attorney on your side as soon as possible can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case.

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If you’re looking for experienced and effective legal representation for a Drunk Driving / DUI or other criminal charges call (425) 455-4784 to schedule your free initial consultation. Lawyer Phil Weinberg will create an intelligent winning defense plan tailored to your unique situation.

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Bellevue DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyer

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DUI arrestees stopped in Bellevue’s city limits by the Bellevue Police are prosecuted in Bellevue District Court. This is is one of the East Division satellite courthouse facilities of the large King County District court system. Bellevue’s courthouse is located just south of SE 8th near I-405 in South Bellevue.

Arrestees are booked into the Bellevue Jail and breath testing is administered there. If you refuse or if drugs are suspected, you will be taken to Overlake Hospital, still in custody, and your blood was drawn by a hospital phlebotomist and given to the police as evidence. Subsequently, this will be processed by the Washington state Toxicology lab, which can sometimes take months because they are severely backlogged, and some are then transported to King County jail.

Repeat DUI

If your DUI was a repeat offense or you got into an accident in which someone was hurt or major property damage occurred? Or if you had a child passenger (under age 16) in your vehicle? Then you may easily face the Bellevue court setting a bail and other burdensome conditions of release at your first appearance. These can include requesting the judge to impose Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”) or a ‘SCRAM” or ‘TAD’ device (another ankle bracelet that measures for alcohol consumption from your skin). Also, Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM”), and other conditions of release at your arraignment may be in place.

After all, you must have an experienced private Bellevue DUI Lawyer at that arraignment hearing representing you then and throughout your Bellevue District Court DUI prosecution.

Bellevue DUI Lawyer Phil Weinberg has handled hundreds of DUIs

I have defended many hundreds if not thousands of DUIs over the past three decades. Also, well known in this court to the judges and the prosecutors in the Bellevue District Court. In the courtroom, as a criminal Bellevue DUI defendant, even on a first-time DUI offense, your private Bellevue DUI Lawyer and criminal defense lawyer may well be your only friend.

First Hearing with Bellevue DUI Lawyer Phil Weinberg

The first hearing is a pretrial hearing and will ordinarily be roughly 3-8 weeks after the arraignment. Moreover depending upon how congested the court calendars are at the time.  In fact, many things need to be discussed and done to prepare for that hearing.

I know how the system works and what the Bellevue City Prosecutors will likely seek from the court against you. Also, which private evaluators and treatment professionals to refer you to so we can prepare a .defense. In addition, there are almost always other things I will ask you to proactively do in order to optimize your defense. For example, attending a 90-minute DUI Victim Impact panel and obtaining an alcohol/drug evaluation (and in some cases, a mental-health assessment, too, if you are willing to do so). Other things could include performing some voluntary community service hours, when applicable.

Bellevue DUI Lawyer Phil Weinberg will fight to get your case dismissed

As an experienced DUI Lawyer, I think your case can be dismissed on good pretrial motion practice or won at trial. I will not recommend that you do these things, but you must want and agree to go to trial; this is never my decision – it is yours alone. But I help you reach your decision based upon the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the charge(s) filed against you. Also, there may be several pretrial hearings while I am negotiating or preparing for trial. Thus arguing pretrial motions to suppress evidence or dismiss the case, or both, and gathering all available evidence to support our defense plan.

Don’t be a ‘sitting duck’.  Go to Bellevue District Court with an experienced, seasoned Bellvue DUI Defense Lawyer on your side. I go all-out for my clients and am especially well-known in the Bellevue. Moreover, I work hard for it but consistently get excellent, even amazing, results for my clients in the Bellevue District Court.

Bellevue DUI Defense

Please call me now.  With DUI defense experience at obtaining successful, often amazing results for my clients. Hence, I am here to help you get an optimal and dignified result. Dismissal must always be the first goal, but if it cannot be had in your matter. I am extremely successful in avoiding jail time for my clients.

Call now. I look forward to showing you what I can do to help and to protect and relentlessly fight for your rights in Bellevue DC.  Why not call me now?  We can go over your case a bit by phone and then make a quick office appointment for a more in-depth meeting at my Bellevue Office in the Skyline Tower, in Suite 2300.  The address is 10900 NE 4th St Suite 2300, Bellevue, WA 98004.

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Phil Weinberg

Besides serving King County cities such as Seattle and Bellevue. DUI Lawyer Phil Weinberg also defends DUI cases in Snohomish County. For example, Lynnwood and Everett. Attorney Phil is always up to date with changes in the law. For example the House Bill 1614, which has strengthened the law around DUI.

When you need help with a Drunk Driving / DUI or other Criminal Charges in the Seattle & Bellevue,WA area Call Phillip L. Weinberg Attorney at Law.

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