Up to $1025 fine for dropping a lit cigarette from your car.

With last summer’s severe fires, and Washington entering a drier season as summer starts (but not today in Seattle!), the Washington State Patrol announced a crackdown on lit cigarettes being littered from vehicles. Normally the limit for a ‘civil infraction’ such as this is $250, but the Washington State Legislature specifically made an exception for dangerous litter.

Cigarette Butt

Cigarette Butt

From the June 15, 2016, Official WSP press release:

“As conditions continue to dry out in the region, the danger of fires caused by individuals discarding lit tobacco products from their vehicles increase.  One careless action can quickly turn into a major fire.  The resources needed to fight the fires and the losses associated with them, such as homes, structures, and even life are extremely expensive and costly to taxpayers.”

“Washington State Patrol Troopers will take appropriate enforcement under RCW 70.93.060(4). It is a class 1 civil infraction as provided in RCW 7.80.120 for a person to discard, in violation of this section, potentially dangerous litter in any amount.”