The other Red White and Blue

Have you been charged with Assault, DV, or DUI?  Do you want an experienced defense lawyer who knows the court system, is familiar with the different prosecutors and judges, and will really work your case hard?

I will work relentlessly to protect your rights.  I care about my clients, and fight hard to prevent the police and he prosecution from denying you your legal rights.  I will do everything I can to try to get you the results you want to protect your freedom, reputation and career.  You will not regret retaining me to defend you.  While dismissal must be and always is the first goal, if that is not possible I will negotiate tirelessly and creatively to achieve a lesser charge or a dismissal after a deferral period for you if your case and criminal history qualify.  I take many of the toughest cases and have had some amazing, excellent results for our clients.

You will not be disappointed if you hire me.  I have over 25 years experience, and I will know what needs to be done to optimize the results of your legal situation.  Don’t settle for a beginner or a lawyer who lack the courage to stand up to the government to protect you,.  In the courtroom, I will be the only person looking out for your rights, freedom and your future.

Please call to make an appointment to come in and go over your case with me in person.  I am accessible and affordable, and according to what hundreds of satisfied former clients have told me, I am definitely

not your ordinary attorney.