Why won’t the Prosecutor drop a no contact order if I just ask, so my husband or wife can come home? I don’t want to press charges.

If the police get called to your home for suspected or alleged Domestic Violence, and end up removing someone from the home (arresting them), a Domestic Violence charge is usually filed against one or both people involved. Under the so called “four-hour rule” found in RCW 10.31.100(2)(c), if the police arrive within four hours of the 911 call made … Read more

Zamboni Operator Was Charged with Drunk Driving During a Hockey Game

Canada is VERY Tough on DUI’s.  If you don’t believe it’s DUI-harsh in Canada, please read this surprising article: “A Manitoba Zamboni Operator Was Charged with Drunk Driving During a Hockey Game.”  http://www.vice.com/read/a-manitoba-zamboni-operator-was-charged-with-drunk-driving-during-a-hockey-game-vgtrn. The same amusing but scary event is discussed in another Canadian news article is at:  “Manitoba police ice Zamboni driver with impaired … Read more

I got a second DUI or third DUI. What now?

I got a second DUI or third DUI.  What now?  Prior Offenses and Repeat DUI Offenses.   If you got, in the last 7 years, a prior DUI or Physical Control conviction, and are now charged with DUI, you will face mandatory minimum (“enhanced”) sentencing if you are convicted of the new DUI or Physical Control … Read more

Ignition Interlock Device – “Blow & Go” – What’s Involved? What are the basics?

Ignition Interlock Device – “Blow & Go” – What’s Involved?  What are the basics? I saw an online chat discussion about Ignition Interlock Devices today at:  https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/3yj8g3/anyone_else_mildly_upset_when_they_see_ads_that/.  That forum discussion raises some additional and interesting questions, which I will address at the end of this blog.  But first, let’s look at the basics of the … Read more

What if I get stopped by the police?

Speak to your attorney first! If you are stopped, identify yourself but everything else you tell the police will be used against you. Do not engage in casual chit-chat with them – discipline your mouth, please. Demand they immediately put you in touch with me (Cell: 425-367-1122) or a public defender. I do not consent … Read more

Mace and Knife Used In Disturbance At South Everett Washington Condo

I saw this article yesterday (see link below): Mace and Knife Used in Disturbance at South Everett Condo. One person was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center with a non-life-threatening stab wound to the shoulder and Everett Firefighters treated at least one other person who was sprayed with mace shortly before 6:30 PM Saturday night. It … Read more

Washington State DUI Law: Physical Control Charges.

Washington State DUI’s are Serious Criminal Charges that should almost always be aggressively fought and defended against . . . This Includes Physical Control Charges. Nearly identical to a DUI (aka DWI) charge is a Physical Control Charge, as defined in RCW 46.61.504. Physical Control, which is defined as: “being in actual physical control of … Read more