I saw this article yesterday (see link below): Mace and Knife Used in Disturbance at South Everett Condo.

One person was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center with a non-life-threatening stab wound to the shoulder and Everett Firefighters treated at least one other person who was sprayed with mace shortly before 6:30 PM Saturday night.

It happened at the Sunset Park Condos at 8823 Holly Drive.

No details were available as officers had their hands full trying to sort out who did what at the time.

My Everett News article: Mace and Knife Used In Disturbance At South Everett Condo


Well, since no details are available, it’s hard to comment. The reporter had some brilliant observations, though, such as: “No details were available as officers had their hands full trying to sort out who did what at the time.” I could speculate but why bother? It appears there was a felony knife assault that may carry a deadly weapon enhancement unless the butchering of the shoulder was an accident, self-inflicted or done in provable self-defense. As for the spraying of mace, we only know that “at least one other person” was sprayed, so perhaps tens of thousands were maced. It’s not real clear or specific from the article. What is clear, though, is that Everett Washington has a whole lot of crime going on. If you’re accused of committing one, give me a call. I’ll take my best ‘stab’ at defending you to the utmost. Otherwise, don’t mess with the police in Everett unless you like being sprayed with mace, pepper spray or the like. But after that, you might get some intensive medical care from the cops. Look at the three of them preparing to render medical services in the above photo. They do not seem to be in much of a hurry from the look of it. I hope their ‘patient’ survived.

Phillip L. Weinberg

Phillip L. Weinberg
Phillip L. Weinberg
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