King County District Court (Seattle District Court) DUI’s

An out-of-state client had 2 serious DUI’s 9-10 years ago in the client’s home state (another state) and was stopped this year in Seattle, while here visiting family, allegedly talking on a cell phone, and allegedly driving while affected by alcohol. Attorney Phillip Weinberg was able to get this client’s case reduced to Reckless Driving, with no jail, and with court permission to do 5 days Work Crew instead of jail back in their state of residence, and with no supervised probation in either state, too. Attorney Phillip Weinberg also won this client’s DOL Driver’s License Suspension Hearing by demonstrating that the arresting officer failed to document her confusion as to the Implied Consent Warnings, and that he denied the client with their Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel (under both the Washington State and US Constitutions) by allowing them to speak with an attorney (a public defender), but then not allowing the client to blow (take the breath test) after the public defender had advised her to do so, telling the client it was too late and that he was calling it a refusal. The DOL Hearing Officer saw these determinative issues Mr. Weinberg’s way, after lengthy oral argument and legal briefing.