Everett Municipal Court – Client avoids 3.1 years on EHM!!!

After revoking my client’s Deferred Prosecution when he got a new charge for an Ignition Interlock Violation, the prosecutor thought I was playing games when I handed her my client’s mental-health evaluation.  It was not a ploy but a valid diagnosis.  The prosecutor wanted jail converted to Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) at a ratio of … Read more

King County – Filing of Major Felony Charges Avoided

Phillip Weinberg’s client was a high-level human resources executive with gambling issues who embezzled over $100,000 from their company via theft, fraudulently altered documents, fraudulently issued bank checks, forgery and the like. Through extensive and relentlessly persistent yet delicate negotiations with the client’s corporate superiors, and after agreed restitution being made, Attorney Phillip Weinberg was able to … Read more

Marysville Municipal Court DV Case

Phillip Weinberg’s client was facing Assault 4 DV charges that if convicted would have likely cost the client a job as a professional working for the government. Mr. Weinberg obtained admissions from the alleged victim and got the case dismissed without even having to go to trial.