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DUI Attorney with over 25 years of experience in drunk driving / DUI and Criminal Defense cases.

Effective DUI Lawyer Serving Issaquah and the King County Washington Area

In the event that you are charged with DUI or another crime in Issaquah, it can be a scary experience that could result in serious consequences negatively impacting you in many areas of your life. Issaquah DUI Attorney Phil Weinberg has over 25 years’ experience and consistently obtains excellent results for his clients in and around Issaquah. If you need effective legal representation for your DUI, call Phil at (425) 455-4784.

Experienced Issaquah Criminal Defense Attorney

Besides DUI, Issaquah Attorney Phil Weinberg also focusses on a range of criminal defense areas. Hiring an accomplished lawyer to represent you is the first and most important step you must take if you’ve been charged with a crime in Issaquah. Attorney Phil Weinberg will provide you with the personalized service and experienced legal representation you deserve. In fact, for over 25 years, Phil Weinberg, an experienced Issaquah / King County DUI Attorney, has been defending those accused of Drunk Driving / DUI, Assault, Domestic Violence / DV and Drug- and Theft-Related Crimes in and around the Issaquah area. Don’t wait, don’t delay – call (425) 455-4784 today. Having an experienced, tactful but relentless defense attorney on your side as soon as possible after a Drunk Driving charge can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case.

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If you’re looking for experienced and effective legal representation for a Drunk Driving / DUI or other criminal charges call (425) 455-4784 to schedule your free initial consultation. Attorney Phil Weinberg will create an intelligent winning defense plan tailored to your unique situation.

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Issaquah DUI Attorney & Criminal Defense

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Have you been arrested for DUI in Issaquah? If yes, then it’s most likely you have been arrested by Issaquah Police. Those cases are prosecuted in the Issaquah Municipal Court.  If you were stopped by King County Sheriff(s) or state trooper() (Washington State Patrol “WSP”) those cases are handled at the Issaquah District Court.  Issaquah has two different courts.  I can’t emphasize enough that you need to make sure you hire an experienced Issaquah DUI Attorney right away, whether your case is pending in Issaquah Municipal Court or in the Issaquah Division of the King County District Court system.

You need an experienced DUI defense attorney like Phil Weinberg to represent you.

DUI Process in Issaquah, WA

  • Arrested for DUI.
  • Taken to the jail.
  • Breathalyzed for alcohol levels.
  • If you refuse your blood will be drawn.
  • Evidence forwarded to police.
  • Your blood sent to be processed by the Washington state Toxicology lab.
  • Transported to King County jail.

First Hearing with Issaquah DUI Attorney

The first hearing is the Arraignment, followed 3 to 6 weeks later by the first pretrial hearing, depending upon how congested the court calendars are at the time.  Many things need to be discussed and done to prepare for that hearing, including but not limited to obtaining the police report and other discovery, interviewing witnesses in some cases, arranging for assessment(s) and meeting with me to go over everything for your defense.  Preparing my clients for each and every hearing in advance is an excellent strategy to help ensure the best outcome – I know how the system works and what the Prosecutors will likely seek from the court against you.

I am very knowledgeable regarding which private evaluators and treatment professionals to refer you to so we can prepare your best defense. In addition, there are almost always other things I will ask you to proactively do in order to optimize your defense. For example, attending a 90-minute DUI Victim Impact Panel and obtaining the alcohol/drug evaluation (and in some cases, a mental-health assessment, too, if you are willing to do so) mentioned above. Other things could include performing some voluntary community service hours, when applicable

Issaquah DUI Attorney will fight to get your case dismissed

As an experienced DUI Attorney, I start out every case thinking your case can be dismissed on good pretrial motion practice or won at trial. You must want and agree to go to trial; this is never my decision – it is yours alone. But I help you reach your decision based upon the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the charge(s) filed against you. Also, there may be several pretrial hearings while I am negotiating or preparing for trial. Thus, arguing pretrial motions to suppress evidence or dismiss the case, or both, and gathering all available evidence to support our defense plan is very important for your defense.

Don’t be a ‘sitting duck’.  Go to Issaquah District Court or Issaquah Municipal Court with an experienced, seasoned Issaquah DUI defense attorney on your side. I always go all-out for my clients and am especially well-known in the Issaquah area. Moreover, I work hard for it but consistently get excellent, even amazing, results for my clients in the Issaquah  Courts.

Issaquah DUI Attorney has handled hundreds of DUIs

I have defended many hundreds if not thousands of DUIs over the past three decades. Also, I am well known and well-treated, as are my clients treated fairly, in these courts by the judges and the prosecutors In these courtrooms. As an Issaquah DUI defendant, even on a first-time DUI offense, your private Issaquah DUI Attorney and criminal defense lawyer may well be your best or even your only friend.

Repeat DUI

A Repeat drunk driving under the influence (DUI) offense could fall into several categories that. in addition to the fact of a repeat DUI triggering enhanced mandatory minimum sentencing if the prior violation date was within 7 years of the new one, could further exacerbate your predicament and make it so you’ll be facing even more possible jail time for me to help you avoid if possible (and I am very effective at doing that), including:

  • You got into an accident in which someone was hurt.
  • Major property damage occurred.
  • Had a child passenger (under age 16) in your vehicle.
  • Speeding under the influence of alcohol.

In fact, these are just a few of the situations you could be in.

Your first appearance in court may well include bail on either a repeat DUI (especially reoffending within the “7-year window” or with any of the above-itemized aggravating factors) and other burdensome conditions. For example, the judge could impose an Ignition Interlock Device, an ankle bracelet that measures for alcohol consumption (called a SCRAM device or a TAD device, two similar such devices) or Electronic Home Monitoring.

A private Issaquah DUI attorney at your Arraignment hearing representing you is a must!

Issaquah DUI Defense

Please call me today. You have a much better chance of a good outcome with an experienced DUI defense who continually obtains excellent results for its clients. Hence, I am here to help you get an optimal final outcome and dignified results. Dismissal must always be the first goal, but if it cannot be had in your matter. I am extremely successful in avoiding jail time for my clients, as stated.

I look forward to showing you what I can do to help and to protect and relentlessly fight for your rights in Issaquah Municipal Court or in Issaquah District Court.  Why not call now?  We can go over your case a bit by phone and then make a quick office appointment for a more in-depth meeting at my Bellevue Office in the Key Center, in Suite 2300.  The address is 10900 NE 4th St, Suite 2300; Bellevue, WA 98004.

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About Issaquah Courts & Issaquah Arrests for Drunk Driving / DUI / DWI & Physical Control

There are two courts in Issaquah.  They are the Issaquah Municipal Court and the King County District Court Issaquah Facility. The Issaquah Jail and the King County Jail system currently serves both of these courts. Here is a brief overview:

The Issaquah Municipal Court

Criminal Defense Attorney – Phil Weinberg
Issaquah Police Arrest Interrogation

The Issaquah Municipal Court a local court that handles cases for the cities of Issaquah, North Bend and Snoqualmie. It enforces the local municipal codes for those municipalities, which are quite similar (or in some sections identical) to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW’s). If you’re arrested by an Issaquah, North bend or Snoqualmie law enforcement officer for Drunk Driving / DUI (aka “DWI,” the older name for a DUI), your case will be heard at the Issaquah Municipal Court. This court is located at: 135 Sunset Way; Issaquah, WA 98027. Their website is:

King County District Court, East Division, Issaquah Courthouse (aka “Issaquah District Court”)

Issaquah District Courthouse

The King County District Court East Division – Issaquah Courthouse has jurisdiction over cases filed and prosecuted by the Cities of Carnation and Sammamish.  Like Issaquah Municipal court, it also handles misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, infractions and civil violations. In fact, it also includes Seattle DUI arrests. Arrests made by a King County Sheriff or Washington State Trooper that result in misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor charges are handled by Seattle District Court. This court is located at: 5415 220th Ave. S.E.; Issaquah, WA 98029-6839.  Their website is:

How it Works – The Stages of the Case


The first hearing is the arraignment. The plea you enter at the arraignment should always be “Not Guilty,” regardless of the facts and circumstances of your case. The court will also set conditions of release at this hearing. Prosecutors often ask the judge to impose strict conditions such as bail or an Ignition Interlock Device. An experienced Issaquah DUI defense attorney can usually effectively resist these conditions, especially on first-time offenses, but even on repeat Issaquah DUI charges.

Next, there are Pretrial Conferences, also called Pretrial Hearings (PTR). Most cases have several PTR’s before they are resolved or set for trial. They generally occur 4-5 weeks apart. After a few of them, the court will often pressure the defense to conclude the case with a plea deal or go to trial. If a good offer is presented by the prosecutor, the case can be disposed of by a plea deal (plea bargain) at a PTR. During this process, your defense attorney will be investigating your case and obe obtaining police reports, medical records, interviews from witnesses, victims, experts and law enforcement as well as any other evidence related to your case.

Pretrial Hearings

Next, there are Pretrial Conferences, also called Pretrial Hearings (abbreviated as: “PTR”). Most cases have several PTR’s before they are resolved or set for trial. They generally occur 4-5 weeks apart. After a few of them, the court will often pressure the defense to conclude the case with a plea deal or go to trial. If a good offer is presented by the prosecutor, the case can be disposed of by a plea deal (plea bargain) at a PTR. During this process, your defense attorney will be investigating your case and one obtaining police reports, medical records, interviews from witnesses, victims, experts and law enforcement officers, as well as any other evidence related to your case. Occasionally a private investigator is needed in tougher cases, or with ‘dirty’ cops (and, there are a few of those we must contend with, as in any other occupation or profession).

Pretrial Motions

There are numerous pretrial motions that can have a significant impact on your defense – or even result in the dismissal of your case. A few common ones include motions to challenge probable cause (PC) for the stop or arrest, whether statements made by the police, witnesses or defendant are admissible, motions to compel or limit discovery and Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel deprivation motions. Pretrial motions require extensive legal briefing and strategic planning to be successful.

Readiness Hearing & Trial

Less than 14% of Issaquah DUI cases that are filed finally proceed to trial – because trial is the last resort due to the extreme risk and additional cost. You may choose to go to trial in the event the prosecution has not offered an agreeable plea deal, or if a conviction would be unacceptable or especially damaging to your career or personal life, citizenship status, school opportunities, etc. most cases are resolved via a discreet plea bargain, but Issaquah DUI Lawyer Phil Weinberg is ready to fight your case out at trial if that is your desired defense.

Washington’s DUI Laws are Tough and Getting Tougher

Washington state DUI / DWI laws are among the very toughest in the nation. There are new senate and house bills being passed every year to more harshly penalize DUI charges (especially repeat DUI offenders) in Washington.  This constantly emerging new legislation further strengthens the laws around DUI. Note also that an Issaquah Physical Control charge is basically the same as an Issaquah DUI charge. Are you charged with a DUI or Physical Control in Issaquah? Don’t get caught trying to defend yourself with an inexperienced Issaquah DUI attorney. Get the Best Issaquah DUI Defense Attorney.

Issaquah DUI Attorney Phil Weinberg has over 25 years of experience and a wealth of tools and strategies to fight your Issaquah DUI case. Call Phil at (425)-455-4784Don’t worry – Get help now. Experience, Tact and Relentless Issaquah DUI Defense.

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Besides serving King County cities such as Issaquah, Bellevue and Seattle. DUI Attorney Phil Weinberg also defends DUI cases in Snohomish County. For example, Lynnwood, Edmonds and Everett.
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