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It’s notoriously well known that Lynnwood Municipal Court is generally considered a pretty tough court, but I consistently obtain excellent results for my client there.  The Presiding Judge is the experienced, scholarly and fair Stephen E. Moore.  (Note:  Lynnwood has two courts, Lynnwood Municipal Court and Snohomish county District Court South Division).  Not only do those stopped by the Lynnwood Police have their cases filed in Lynnwood Muni., which recently implemented a new court paperwork/document system called “O-Court”), but they are booked at the not-so-pleasant Lynnwood jail, where they will appear the next day, or the next court day if arrested on Friday night, the weekend or on a legal holiday, and then will appear at the early morning in-custody calendar the next business/court day.  You would be highly remiss not to have an experienced Washington State, locally known DUI/criminal defense attorney represent you at that hearing to avoid what might be very harsh bail and other conditions of release.

Have you been charged with a DUI in Lynnwood? DUI arrestees stopped in Lynnwood are booked into the Lynnwood Jail, but by a fairly recent contractual deal are then generally transported to the Snohomish County jail where they’ll appear before Judge Stephen E. Moore via video court.  If your DUI was a repeat offense or you got into an accident in which someone was hurt or major property damage occurred, or if you had a child passenger (under age 16) in your vehicle, you may easily face the Lynnwood court setting a bail and other burdensome conditions of release at your first appearance, the arraignment.  These can include requesting the judge to impose Ignition Interlock Device (“IID”) or a ‘SCRAM” or ‘TAD’ device (another ankle bracelet that measures for alcohol consumption from your normal ambient skin perspiration even when you aren’t sweating, etc., or Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM”), and other conditions of release at your arraignment.  Ideally, you must have an experienced private attorney at that arraignment hearing representing you then and throughout your Lynnwood Municipal Court DUI prosecution.  If I am retained right away I will probably be able to either avoid or minimize these otherwise potentially harsh conditions of release just mentioned above.

I have defended many hundreds if not thousands of DUIs over the past three decades and am well known in this court to the judge, the associate judge and the prosecutors, who are all from the firm that has the Lynnwood municipal Court prosecution contract and has for decades, Zachor & Thomas, of Edmonds.

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In the courtroom, as a criminal defendant, your private DUI criminal defense attorney may well be your only friend.  The first hearing after your arraignment will be a pretrial hearing and will ordinarily be roughly 3-8 weeks after the arraignment, depending upon how congested the court calendars are at the time.  Many things need to be discussed and done to prepare for that hearing.  I know how the system works, what the prosecution firm, The Law offices of Zachor and Thomas, will likely seek from the court against you, and which private evaluators and professionals to refer you to so we can prepare.  There are almost always other things I will ask you to please proactively do in order to optimize your defense, including attending a 90-minute DUI Victim Impact panel, obtaining an alcohol/drug evaluation (and in some cases, a mental-health assessment, too, if you are willing to do so), as well as performing some voluntary community service hours, when applicable.

Of course, if I think your case can be dismissed on good pretrial motion practice or won at trial I will not recommend that you do these things, but you have to want and agree to go to trial; this is never my decision – it is yours alone, but I help you reach your decision based upon the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the charge(s) filed against you.

There may be several pretrial hearings while I am working hard negotiating, or preparing for trial, arguing pretrial motions to suppress evidence or dismiss the case, or both, and gathering all available evidence to support our defense plan.  I am an experienced, accomplished negotiator and this process, called plea bargaining, should always be intensively and tactfully explored before you decide to go to trial, which is always both risky and expensive, too.

Don’t be a ‘sitting duck’ – Go to your Lynnwood Municipal Court hearings with an experienced, seasoned and effective DUI defense attorney on your side.  I always go all-out for my clients.

Please call me now.  With over 25 years’ experience at obtaining successful, often amazing results for my clients, I am here to help you get an optimal and dignified result.  Dismissal must always be the first goal, but if it cannot be had in your matter, I am extremely successful in avoiding jail time for my clients.

Do not delay!  Evidence, witnesses, discovery and opportunities to do things to help yourself before the court orders you to do them will vanish as time passes.  Call now.  I look forward to showing you what I can do to help and to protect and relentlessly fight for your rights.


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