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Hire an Effective Assault / DV Lawyer Serving the Lynnwood Washington Area with Integrity and Compassion

Hire an Effective Assault / DV Lawyer Serving the Lynnwood Washington Area with Integrity,  Compassion and Strategic Effectiveness since 1986.
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Have you been charged with Assault or DV in Lynnwood? I will help you through this difficult time. Lynnwood Assault and DV (Domestic Violence) Attorney Phil Weinberg provides high-quality, all-out but cost-efficient Assault and DV defense legal services to his clients. I take a strategic view of my client’s objectives and work closely with my clients to devise legal solutions and strategies.  Let me fight for your rights and freedom.  I regularly obtain spectacular, stunning results for my clients. That requires hard work, persistence, stamina and creativity.

I turn tough cases around, make favorable discreet plea bargains happen for you, and manage your risks and exposures. I truly care about your freedom and constitutional rights as a person and I fight hard for them. If you are facing Assault and/or Domestic Violence (DV) charges, or have any problem related to Assault or Domestic Violence, contact DV Attorney Phil Weinberg, the Premier Lynnwood Assault Attorney defense firm, has the legal expertise, courage and unrelenting efforts to help solve it. I have the legal expertise, courage and unrelenting determination to resolve it.

It’s rather well known that Lynnwood Municipal Court is generally considered a pretty tough court, but I consistently obtain excellent results for my clients there. How?  I tell the judge and the prosecutors the truth and show them that I have made huge efforts to help my clients turn their lives around – or, if the client is innocent or the city has evidentiary problems proving legal guilt – I show them respectfully but mercilessly that the case against my client is weak. If necessary, I will fight your case out at trial ‘with the gloves off’.  (Note:  Lynnwood has two courts, Lynnwood Municipal Court and Snohomish county District Court South Division). They both handle misdemeanor charges only – no felonies.

Not only do those arrested by the City of Lynnwood Police have their cases filed in “Lynnwood Muni.,,” which recently was one of the first courts to implement a new paperwork/document system called “O-Court”), but they are fingerprinted and booked at the not-so-pleasant Lynnwood jail, where they will appear the next day, or the next court day if arrested on Friday night, the weekend or on a legal holiday, and then will appear at the early morning in-custody calendar the next business/court day.  You would be highly remiss not to have an experienced Washington State, locally known assault/criminal defense attorney represent you at that hearing to help you avoid what might be very harsh bail and other conditions of release. Call Lynnwood Assault and Domestic Violence Attorney Phil Weinberg, the Premier Lynnwood Assault DV defense Law Firm.


If I am retained right away, I will probably be able to either avoid or minimize otherwise harsh conditions of release. I will also have a better shot at identifying witnesses, preserving other evidence before it disappears, speak early in the case with the prosecuting attorney assigned to your matter to assure them of what we’re doing to defend you and allay their community or alleged victim safety concerns and start working your defense immediately.  I have defended many hundreds if not thousands of Assault / DV cases over the past three decades and my legal work and holistic approach to every case is well known in this court to the judges and the prosecutors.


The other court in Lynnwood is the Snohomish County South Division District Court, known as “South District Court,” which handles Washington State (Washington State Patrol arrests), Snohomish County (Snohomish County Sheriff arrests) Mountlake Terrace cases. Also, at present – during the major long-term construction now underway at the Snohomish County Courthouse, South District Court is hearing some of the Everett District Court case load, including Snohomish County Presiding Judge Tam Bui’s Everett DC state. Mukilteo and other cases. The two courts in Lynnwood are different.  Muni Court follows the Lynnwood Municipal Code: ( and has its own unique procedural rules which the criminal defense practitioner must be familiar with; but of course all courts are in many ways similar, too. 

Lynnwood Criminal Defense for Assault DV

In the courtroom, as a criminal defendant, your private Assault/DV criminal defense attorney may well be your only friend. The first hearing after your arraignment will be a pretrial hearing and will ordinarily be roughly 4-8 weeks after the arraignment, depending upon how congested the court calendars are at the time.  Many things need to be discussed and done to prepare for that first pretrial hearing. 

I know how the system works, what the prosecution will likely seek from the court against you at every stage of the prosecution, and which private evaluators and treatment professionals to refer you to so we can prepare and start reaching for the best results and outcome.  There are things I will ask you to proactively do in order to optimize your defense, including attending a 90-minute Domestic Violence Victim Impact panel, obtaining an alcohol/drug evaluation (and in some cases where it will help, a mental-health assessment, too, if you are willing to do so, have no family law, employment or other considerations making that unattractive to you or otherwise ill-advised.),

as well as performing some voluntary community service hours, when applicable. I may also have you sign up for DV MRT (Domestic Violence Moral Reconation Therapy; see: which is the Washington State 2021 Gender & Justice Commission’s report on their study on the effects so far of DV MRT Programs across this State. See also: and:

But, in more serious incidents of DV Assault, or repeats of such or similar offenses, the client will instead probably need to undergo a Washington State-certified DV assessment. I like to see how little treatment for DV the prosecutor is offering these days before volunteering more than might be necessary as all forms of treatment consume client time and money. Some people really need more, some less. Moreover, when alcohol is involved it may resolve the entire mess if that is stopped and treated with lasting effects. That is an evaluation that has four possible diagnostic results, levels 1 through 4. The program might be anywhere from 3 to 18 months, but most are 6-, 9- or 12-months long. That type of program is called “DVIT (Domestic Violence Intervention Treatment (also called Domestic Violence Perpetrators’ Treatment, and formerly called DVBT, for DV Batterers’ Treatment).

Here is a good summary of the 4 levels of DV Treatment from a chart in a Washington State DSHS brochure:

a chart For cases involving what we call “simple assault” that are not DV (domestic violence) charges, anger management, substance abuse and mental-health treatments.

Of course, if I think your case can be dismissed on good pretrial motion practice or won at trial I will not recommend that you do these things, but you have to want and agree to go to trial; this is never my decision – it is yours alone, but I help you reach your decision based upon the strengths and weaknesses of the case and the charge(s) filed against you.

There may be several pretrial hearings while I am working hard negotiating, or preparing for trial, arguing pretrial motions to suppress evidence or dismiss the case, or both, and gathering all available evidence to support our defense plan.  I am an experienced, accomplished negotiator and this process, called plea bargaining, should always be intensively and tactfully explored before you decide to go to trial, which is always both risky and expensive, too.

Don’t be a ‘sitting duck’ – Go to your Lynnwood Municipal Court hearings with an experienced, seasoned and effective Assault / DV Defense Attorney on your side.  I always go all-out for my clients.

Please call me now.  With Over 25 years’ experience at obtaining successful, often amazing results for my clients, I am here to help you get an optimal and dignified result.  Dismissal must always be the first goal, but if it cannot be had in your matter, I am extremely successful in avoiding jail time for my clients.

Do not delay!  Evidence, witnesses, discovery and opportunities to do things to help yourself before the court orders you to do them will vanish as time passes.  Call now.  I look forward to showing you what I can do to help and to protect and relentlessly fight for your rights.


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