First 48 hrs After a Felony Arrest

First 48 Hours AFTER a Felony Arrest

Phil Weinberg Defense Attorney

After a felony arrest contact a lawyer right away. Immediately. There will be a first appearance hearing in most cases right after your arrest or within a few days (a little longer if any drugs and thus lab tests are being done by the toxicology lab before the prosecutors determine how and with what to charge you). You absolutely must have an experienced felony defense lawyer in your corner and present with you at that first appearance hearing. It sets the tone for the rest of the case and if you ask for a bail reduction at that hearing without an experienced felony defense attorney, you may have your bail set so high you won’t be able to get out until the case (and any time you’re sentenced to) are over. Call me immediately. If the charge is Felony DUI, what I have said here applies and so does what you’ll find under other tabs on this website discussing DUI’s. More and more DUI’s in our state are being charged as Felony DUI’s nowadays. If you’ve had 4 prior DUI’s in the last 10 years, or ever had a vehicular assault DUI or vehicular homicide DUI, any subsequent DUI for the rest of your life will be charged as a felony DUI.

If you are charged with any felony DV crime, strictly obey the No-Contact order (“NCO”) and call me right away.

Do not discuss your case with the police at all. No matter how many times they ask you, don’t do it.