When should I ask for a Lawyer?

When should I ask for a lawyer? Should I ask for a lawyer right away?

Phil Weinberg Defense Attorney

Yes –at the stop, at the roadside, when asked to provide a breath test when asked anything. This includes the DUI Interview with dozens of questions designed to get you to make incriminating admissions to give the prosecutor a slam dunk case. You have a state and federal right to an attorney once focus is on you as an accused during the police processing that occurs with a DUI stop.

DEMAND to speak with an attorney at every turn. Don’t do it 100 times, but 3-10 times would be very cool and not excessive. Every time the cops start moving their lips, demand to speak to an attorney. But never lie to a police officer. Separate Providing False Information to a Public Servant (RCW 9A.76.175) or Obstruction of Justice (RCW 9A.76.020)  charges may result. Do not be afraid that demanding to speak to an attorney will make the police upset with you. So what if it does? They are not your friends and their job is to help the government (the prosecutor) convict you – whether you are guilty or not. Again, they’re not your friends. They are your enemy 99% of the time in the DUI stop/arrest/booking scenario or situation.


(revised 12/07/2021)