What happens if I don’t take a breathalyzer or go along with a blood test?

Phil Weinberg Defense Attorney

In Washington State there is Implied Consent for testing for alcohol and drugs if you are arrested for driving under the influence.

They won’t strap you down and draw blood at gunpoint, but the fact that you refused may be used against you in court and the DOL Hearing, where it will probably be assumed that you would have failed, and your drivers’ license will most likely get suspended.

If you refuse to do a breath test at the police station or provide blood if the police request it you’ll be looking at a one-year (or longer) driver’s suspension or revocation. This depends on your DUI facts, DUI and other criminal driving histories here and in other states and other factors. You should not take the roadside field sobriety tests and do not blow into the portable breath test device at the roadside.

(revised 12/07/2021)