Do I need an attorney for a DUI Review Hearing?

Phil Weinberg Defense Attorney

The court is having that hearing to decide whether to revoke some suspended or (rarely) deferred jail time and fines due to some alleged failure to comply with treatment, conditions of release imposed by the court or probation, including for getting a new charge while your case with the review hearing is still on probation or open. Most public defenders do not do Review Hearings, either, FYI, though a few do. Without competent defense counsel at your side, you may not make it out of the building after your review hearing but may instead be taken into custody on the spot. A few months ago I got a Bothell Municipal Court judge to not only take no sanction against my client for his new criminal charge in Bellevue District Court, but got the whole Bothell case dismissed prior to jurisdiction running out. A couple of years ago I represented a young man in Kirkland Municipal Court and got the judge to review the probable cause for the original DUI stop for his Kirkland Municipal Court DUI that he was on a deferred prosecution for, and although the review was for clear alcohol treatment noncompliance, the judge terminated the deferred prosecution and dismissed and closed the client’s entire DUI case because there was no PC for the DUI stop in the first place, a couple of years before.