I rarely if ever write reviews, however the legal system is the most complex entity I have ever dealt with. I know that if you are reading this it’s because you have found yourself in a situation that is scary, confusing and could potentially change your life for ever. Well I will tell you I have dealt with the courts and several lawyers over the years and no matter what your issue may be you need not look any further. Mr. Weinberg has been the most knowledgeable, available, caring and competent legal representation I have ever had or seen in action!!! He will take you through the entire process of your case without fail. He is so experience and always stayed one step ahead of the entire process. He has the integrity, willingness and tenacity of a true warrior. He has the experience and resources that easily navigated me through every step of the way!!! He has been 110% available to me night, day and or weekends. He more than won my case he protected my entire family, for which I will be forever grateful. A walk with Weinberg is a win hands down. I would never even try to take on another court case with out him representing me, because I know he has always had my best interest in mind.

– Jessica

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