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Have you been arrested and/or charged with a Felony in Bellevue?

Felonies committed or allegedly committed in Bellevue, WA are prosecuted in the King County Superior Court – Seattle Division.  That court is in the King County Superior Courthouse located at: 516 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104.

These cases are handles pursuant to the Washington State Court Rules: Superior Court Criminal Rules, found online at:

Washington Felony Charges and the Washington Sentencing Grid

This Sentencing Grid can be brutally harsh once one gets a lot of points, as stated — even one or two can radically ‘up’ the standard sentencing range and the amount of time incarcerated that is at stake, the sentencing Under the Washington State Sentencing Reform Act (the ”SRA”) can be quite tough. This is especially true once one gets their first felony conviction; then, they get a point or maybe 2 points depending upon the crime.  I generally refer, when I’m retained, to the indispensable “Washington State Adult Sentencing Guidelines Manual,” at:

The 1981 Washington State Sentencing Reform Act

Felony cases and the sentencing grid of the 1981 SRA (Sentencing Reform Act) which has since been updated and amended numerous times is a complex piece of legislation.  Our Legislature has amended the Sentencing Reform Act with almost every yearly legislative session.  The usual result? Almost every year, it is longer periods of confinement for violent offenders, sex offenders and drug offenders, as well as longer prison terms, including longer sentences for armed crimes (firearms, knives and other weapons or dangerous instrumentalities).

Three strikes and — You’re Out!

Washington State passed the first “three strikes and you’re out” provision in the U.S.  If you’re charged with a strike offense (such as Murder or Assault 2nd Degree Domestic Violence, as just one example), consult an experienced Bellevue Felony defense attorney experienced in Washington State felony defense.  Our state’s 3-strikes provision means if you get three convictions for strike offenses, you receive life without parole – the defendant will live their remaining natural life in jail and die in jail – there is then no way out unless one or more of your strike conviction(s) is overturned on appeal.  (Should it be called “Three strikes and you’re IN” instead of “OUT”?)

How much Time am I Looking at for a Bellevue Felony charge?

Defending against felony defenses is a complex and unique world of its own. To understand how felony sentencing works and what you may be exposed to for your Bellevue Felony Charge, you must look at these statutes defining the seriousness level and the standard SRA jail or prison range (the so-called “standard range”) for a particular charge:

Seriousness Level

Sentencing Grid

Bellevue WA Felony charges are Serious

Charged with Felony Assault in Bellevue? If a Washington State Bellevue Felony results in serious (“grievous”) bodily harm to the victim, court staff, attorneys practicing law, prosecutors, judges, police officers or certain other government employees, etc. or if the Bellevue felony crime is committed against a child victim under 13 years of age, the exposure to lengthy prison time will be ferocious indeed, especially for those with prior active felony “points” for past felony convictions that have not yet “washed out.”

Don’t let a Bellevue, Washington State Felony charge ruin your life, marriage, relationship, family, job or cost you your freedom.

Let me fight your Bellevue Felony charge to defend you and protect your rights, constitutional rights and other rights. Every case is unique, but I’m not at all afraid to take on the overwhelming power and resources of the government seeking to prosecute you to conviction, mess up your life and even lock you up for as long as they can.  Look what we are up against and why I must be and am fearless and confident in my representation of you with the prosecutor, the police and in court:

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In the event you’re charged with Felony Assault in Bellevue it could result in serious consequences that negatively impact you both personally and professionally. Bellevue Felony Assault Attorney Phil Weinberg consistently obtains excellent results for his clients in and around Bellevue, Washington. If you need effective legal representation for your Felony Assault charge, call Phil at (425) 455-4784.

Experienced Bellevue Felony Assault Attorney

Besides Bellevue Felony Assault cases Attorney Phil Weinberg also specializes in a range of criminal defense areas. Hiring an accomplished lawyer to represent you is the first and most important step you must take if you’ve been charged with a crime in Bellevue. Attorney Phil Weinberg will provide you with the personalized service and experienced legal representation you deserve. For over 30 years Bellevue Felony Assault Attorney Phil Weinberg has been defending those accused of Assault, Domestic Violence / DV, Drunk Driving / DUI and Drug- and Theft-Related Crimes in and around the Bellevue area. Don’t wait, call (425) 455-4784 today. Having an experienced, tactful but relentless defense attorney on your side as soon as possible can make a substantial difference in the outcome of your case.

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